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Welcome to Now Trucking Services Inc.

Welcome to Now Trucking Services Inc.

Flatbed Trucking Services

Now Trucking Services Inc. specializes in transporting your goods in a timely and safe manner. We offer multiple flatbed delivery options and same-day shipping as well. We offer transportation services to commercial and industrial customers both, including metal and lumber transportation in Southern California.


About Us

Now Trucking Services Inc. specializes in the transportation of goods using flatbed trucks. We ship all types of steel, most building materials, as well as industrial and construction material.

We manage all aspects of the delivery of your shipment so that you can focus on your core business and improve productivity. To make sure there are no last-minute hassles, we make extra efforts to inquire and track details of your shipping requirements before we dispatch a truck.

At Now Trucking Services, we do not commit to delivering your shipment if we do not have available a truck that meets all the requirements of your shipment.

Once you have tendered a shipment to us, you don’t have to follow up. We will keep you well informed about the status of your shipment, and we keep all other parties involved in your shipment also in the loop.

Our Services

  • Regular delivery – Same day delivery and delivery within four hours.
  • Return delivery (half the rate of delivery charge).
  • Saturday delivery (1.5 times regular rate).
  • Waiting Time – 30 minutes loading and unloading FREE!
  • Rush delivery (Within 2 hours for less than 50 miles).

All of our trucks are equipped with tarps and strap.

We deliver 24/7, but office hours are 6 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

F. A. Q.

Now Trucking Services Inc. specializes in flatbed construction transportation. In this section, we have listed answers to some of the frequently asked questions. Contact us if you have any query.

What is your fastest delivery service?

We provide rush delivery service within 2 hours from the time your order is placed. However, additional time may be required if traveling over 50 miles.

Is my package insured?

Yes. If no value is declared at the time of shipment, we limit liability for lost or damaged items to $250. If you would like a greater amount insured, please declare the appropriate amount at the time of delivery.

Does your company carry Workers' Compensation insurance?

All our employees are fully insured with Workers' Compensation insurance.

What are your delivery service hours?

We have delivery service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Is there a waiting time charge?

We include 30 minutes of loading and unloading for free. There is an additional charge for any extra waiting time.